Photographing Actors Headshots

The format of an actor’s headshot portrait has been around for a while. Originally these used to be in black and white and now they are often in colour.
Because appearance is important in casting actors, the photos carry more weight than they do in other professions.

It’s important to get good good eye contact through the photos as well as show some versatility.
The headshots need to be honest and flattering at the same time. This is done by good lighting and photography. Retouching a spot or small imperfection is fine but there is no point in transforming a person into something they are not.
When I work in the studio I always let my clients see the photos as we work. This has several positive effects: 
1.It relaxes them knowing what the photos look like.
2.It guides them and me toward achieving the best results.
3.It also makes the whole process very open and collaborative.
I started my career in 2003 taking headshots for an Covent Garden agency.
Over the years I have worked on many large scale shoots but working with actors still feels like home. My studio is next to Angel tube and is ideal for headshots inside or as a base for outdoor headshots and portraits in the area. 

If you need some new photos for your portfolio I am running a special offer until 30th April 2015 so make sure you make use of this opportunity. 

Odi Caspi – PhotographerForHire

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