Engagement Portrait Session

Once again I get to meet and work with some lovely people. Walking around Islington on a Summer afternoon (I miss summer…) finding hidden niches for the photos and talking about life.
Islington Portrait Photographer Islington Portrait PhotographerIslington Portrait PhotographerThe canal near Angel is always an inspiring place to take photos, this little passage doesn’t seem like an obvious shot location to most people but the textured bricks and soft light make the shot.Islington Portrait PhotographerThe afternoon sun reflected from two windows on the wall. Some things you can’t plan and shooting outside often presents interesting surprises.Islington Portrait PhotographerIt’s interesting how taking the colours out of a photo can add so much, less is more as the saying goes.Islington Portrait Photographer

If you’re interested in couple portraits or any type of photography give me a call 020 7183 8904 or drop me a line


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