Q: What should I wear?

A: Generally, plain tops in muted or no colours. If you imagine a frame filled with your face- I want the points of interest to be your eyes with the colours of your skin, hair and eyes dominating the photo. Any strong colours or prints appearing bellow your face will be distracting.
Bring a few tops and we can decide together. Also think about the characters you get cast for (or want to get cast for) and bring tops that go with their lifestyle.
Jackets on top of shirts can sometimes add character and personality to the photos.

Q: Do I need make up?

A: You want to look natural with little to no make up. Lip balm is recommended so lips don’t look cracked or dry. If you have shinny skin clear powder will help and can be used by men and women. 
In some cases a good make up artist can enhance your look and also keep an eye on hair. If you are not sure, send me a few photos of yourself and we can decide on the looks that would work for you. 

Q: I don’t like having my photos taken, will you direct me? 

A: Yes, I have been doing this for 12 years and can give you lots of tips. My goal is to let you come out in the photo so I will give tips and suggestions when and where needed but will let you do you thing too. 

Q:How do I choose the images?

A: I will upload a gallery with watermarked images for you to choose from. 

Q: What are the turnaround times ?

A: A couple of days for the low res gallery and up to a week for retouched high res. If you are in a rush talk to me. I will usually manage to send shots to you earlier and tend to not charge extra for this, if I have the time to work on them myself.

Q: Why do you charge a deposit.

A: I have had experiences where people have not turned up for sessions. This means my time was wasted. I decided on a small amount and I believe the action of paying something inspires a level of commitment.
Despite paying a deposit my moneyback guarantee is still valid, and I will refund any deposit if a client is not happy with the results.

Q: Can I have a CD with all the images?

A: I give a select number of photos and keep quality control on all output, so I cannot give all the photos but the selected number of shots. For this type of session it is much better to have a few great shots that actually work for you than a hundred unfinished jpegs.

Q: What type of payments do you take?

A: I take cash, paypal, or bank transfers. All sessions are fully invoiced so you can offset this expense for taxes.

Q: Can we work outside and in the studio?

A: This works with the 2.5 hour session. With 1.5 hours I find it’s best to have a main objective (for example outside shots first) and depending on our progress move to the other. 

Q: Can I bring someone to with me during the session?

A: Yes, if you feel relaxed and comfortable next to a friend or family member and want them to come along then sure.


If you have any other questions and want to talk call me on 079 5868 1276 
I’m always happy to give advice and every session is individual. 

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